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The purpose of this affidavit is to show how the FBI will do anything in order to make or win cases.

During the period of 1985/6, the office of the US Attorney in Albany, N.Y. was persecuting (not prosecuting) the Dowd family, who were friends of mine. I offered to help the US Attorney to make his case. My whole purpose was to sabotage their case and feed them with misinformaton and disinformation. When the Dowd family heard that I was helping the government against them, they were greatly relieved, as they knew that I would totally confuse them (not a difficult job).

In order to help convince the Feds of my sincerity, I found some people in Schenectedy, New York (very close to Albany) who were followers of Louis Farakhan's Black Muslims. I convinced them that I was a Moslem and since that I am a Moslem, then my enemy is the white Christians. I explained to them that the white Christians oppress all Moslem people through their police force and first we must terrorize and destroy the Police. I explained to them how they could make Molotov cocktails to throw at police cars and police stations. They were very enthused about this. Then, in order to show my sincerity to the Feds, I gave all this information to them. The Feds were very happy to get this information and they surely thought that I was a true American.

At that point, they brought in FBI Special Agent Rose who was very impressed with me and asked me to infiltrate the Jewish Defense League (from which came Kach) and to report to him. This I refused, as to me it would have been a Chilul Hashem to have even pretended to do so.

One of the FBI agents said to me that the purpose of the FBI is "to put people in jail".

Prior to this 1985/6 episode, I was an agent for the US Secret Service in New York, working under Group Leader Wolf and Agent Albert Angelone. I was actually a double agent working against them (I will not say at this point for whom, but it was not any Israeli or Jewish organization). Surely the American government would have realized that I was not a trustworthy individual and was just selling them false stories for the benefit of my groups (not Israeli or Jewish). Yet, they tried to use me, knowingly that my information was tainted, in order to help win their cases. It is very well within the scope of the Feds to frame the 2 L.A. Kach members in order to show (and to justify their budget) how they protect the community.

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