From: <>Hakohen
To: <>vanheemst
Sent: Saturday, November 30, 2002 12:23 PM
Subject: Re:

Ha,Ha. Good try, but to the wrong person.
Idiot, do you think that I do not know the difference in metals ?
I was a partner in a coin mint in Beirut. I know the difference between
fake and genuine, as I made so many fake coins. That is how I met Eyer.
It happened 25 years ago in the Americana Hotel in New York, when I
tried to sell him and to Westphal (where is he now ? I would like to buy
from him) some counterfeit German 3 mark pieces of the Weimar Republic.
They recogized them as fake and wanted to call the cops, but Hans
Schulman (another good Jew who worked with me in this scam) convinced
them that there was an honest error.
Listen idiot, you are no match for me.
I was even a double agent for the American Secret Service, insuring safe
arrival from Beirut of my goods and arresting the competition. They
would also like to get their hands on me, Ha ,Ha.
Consider yourself quite fortunate that you only lost $4,100 !!!!!
There are people in America and Europe sitting with large amounts of
fake coins, due to my efforts, right in front of the noses of the
American authorities.
If you pay me, I will give you a list of all the coins we made in Beirut.
If you are wondering how an Israeli could to this, just remember that I
have plenty of nationalities of diverse names.
You could print all this in the Internet if you want. I do not care.
So, be a good schmuck and behave yourself, as I could even visit you in
Holland under a different name and give you a real good screwing.

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