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British Commonwealth Member Countries and Year of Joining

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    List of Countries that belong to British Commonwealth
    Antigua & Barbuda (1981)
Australia (1931*)
Bahamas (1931)
Bangladesh (1973)
Barbados (1966)
Belize (1981)
Botswana (1966)
Great Britain
Brunei Darassalam (1984)
Cameroon (1995-independent 1960)
Canada (1931*)
Cyprus (1961-independent 1960)
Dominica (1978)
The Gambia (1965)
Ghana (1957)
Grenada (1974)
Guyana (1966)
India (1947)
Jamaica (1962)
Kenya (1963)
Kiribati (1979)
Lesotho (1966)
Malawi (1964)
Malaysia (1957)
Maldives (1982-independent 1965)
Malta (1964)
Mauritius (1968)
Mozambique (1995-independent 1975)
Namibia (1990)
Nauru (1968+)
New Zealand (1931*)
Nigeria (1960)
Pakistan (1947-left 1972; rejoined 1989)
Papua New Guinea (1975)
Samoa (1970-independent 1962)
St. Kitts & Nevis (1983)
St. Lucia (1979)
St. Vincent & the Grenadines (1979)
Seychelles (1976)
Sierra Leone (1961)
Singapore (1965)
Solomon Islands (1978)
South Africa (1931*; left 1961; rejoined 1994)
Sri Lanka (1948)
Swaziland (1968)
Tanzania (1961)
Tonga (1970)
Trinidad & Tobago (1962)
Tuvalu (1978+)
Uganda (1962)
Vanuatu (1980)
Zambia (1964)
Zimbabwe (1980)

* The Statute of Westminster of 1931 gave effective independence to the Dominions of Australia, Canada, New Zealand and South Africa

+ Special member

Commonwealth membership is confined to sovereign countries, but self-governing states and dependencies of member countries are eligible to take part in many Commonwealth activities and to receive technical assistance. Many of them contribute to funds to Commonwealth programmes. The peoples of these states are regarded as part of the Commonwealth family. Their numbers total about 6 million. Apart from Hong Kong (5.87 million) their populations are very small.

Australian External Territories

Norfolk Island
Coral Sea Islands Territory
Australian Antartic Territory
Heard Island and McDonald Islands
Cocos (Keeling) Islands
Christmas Island
The Territory of Ashmore and Cartier Islands

British Dependent Territories

British Antartic Territory
British Indian Ocean Territory
British Virgin Islands
Cayman Islands
Falkland Islands
Hong Kong (Under control of P.R. China since July 1997)
Pitcairn Island
St Helena and Dependencies (Ascension, Tristan da Cunha)
South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands
Turks and Caicos Islands

Self Governing Countries in Free Association with New Zealand

Cook Islands

Note: The Island Territory of Tokelau and The Ross Dependency are administered as part of New Zealand.

Information source: Wikipedia

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