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Banknotes.comTM values its members and visitors and welcomes your thoughts and feedback, your comments and suggestions, your inquiries and requests, your offers and concerns. All order-related emails will be answered immediately. Please, before you contact us, kindly read our HELP, TERMS and the FAQ / Q&A. Have a banknote collection for sale?
Don't just stash the cash.... Collect it!
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You can trust us. We are a family run small business and we do not employ a marketing team. Our website is simple, but functional. Being an International Bank Note Society IBNS Life Member Nș189 we adhere to their and our own high standards of honesty and integrity. Most importantly, our goal is to serve our customers. Thank you so much for your attention and participation. We appreciate your business.
Don't just stash the cash.... Collect it!
Please, before contacting us, kindly read our HELP, TERMS and the FAQ/ Q&A. Do you happen to have a collection for sale?
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