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Currency Gallery: Serbia & Montenegro
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Cat # Description Image
CS-27   500 Dinara 1.11.1941 (Bricklayer; woman in national)   [Picture & Info]
CS-32   1000 Dinara 1.5.1942   [Obverse] [Reverse]
CS-40   50 Dinara 2005 (Composer Stevan Stojanovic Mokranjac)   [Picture & Info]
CS-41   100 Dinara 2003 (Scientist Nikola Tesla in Paris)   [Picture & Info]
CS-42   200 Dinara 2005 (Nadezda Petrovic; Gracanica Monastery)   [Picture & Info]
CS-43   500 Dinara 2004 (Geographer Jovan Cvijic; ethno motives)   [Picture & Info]
CS-44   1000 Dinara 2003 (Djordje Vajfert; Bank interior)   [Picture & Info]
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