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Algeria 100 Francs 1921-1938

Item Code: DZ-81

Front: Children harvesters and an Arab man with a camel. Back: Harvester boy giving fruit to a woman, who holds him by his
shoulder. Also depicted: tree, book, sword, two pitchers, pile of fruit. Watemark: Algerian woman in traditional dress and Arab
script above demilune (crescent). Signatures: M. Paul Ernest Picard (Le Secrétaire Général); Penalva (Le Caissier Principal);
Moyse (Le Secrétaire Général). Predominant colour: Purple. Work by: Georges Duval (Fecit). Engraved by: C. Romagnol (SC).
Date (as depicted): 5 December 1932. Date of Release: 3 January 1921. Printer: Banque de France.

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Dimensions: 181 x 115 mm

Texts: Banque d'Algérie. Cent Francs payables au porteur et à vue. Bank of Algeria. One Hundred Francs. Article 139. Le Code
Pénal Punit des Travaux Forcés a Perpétuité le Contrefacteur.

Algeria Banknote Gallery | Algerian Banknotes For Sale

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