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Banknote Holders For Sale (Mylar-Polyester) - click here for display pages
Shipping charges will be quoted to you after your bulk order is received.
All holders are open-sided with a top fold over. Polyester is an archival material free of oil.
These highly transparent currency holders are archival safe. The fold over design leaves both ends open and allows for easier insertion of notes than typical top load currency sleeves.
Click here to enlarge the picture   Click here to enlarge the picture   Click here to enlarge the picture
Flat view of the holder   Flapped view of the holder   Notice how strong it is

Displayed above is the 8" x 5" (20.2 x 12.6 cm) (Type # 001) holder (currency sleeve). Click to enlarge.

Mylar is widely accepted as the best way to store and preserve paper collectibles. Library of Congress (USA) uses only Mylar and other approved Polyester films to preserve their paper documents. Mylar will never yellow or put harmful materials into the item it is protecting. As an added benefit, Mylar has a superior brilliance and clarity that truly showcases a collection.
TYPE # 001

Measurements: U.S.: 8 X 5 inches or Metric: 20.2 x 12.6 cm (Thickness: .004 gauge (4 mil));
Commonly used for world banknotes.
Quantity   Price Each   Total $US
100   1.00   100.00 (plus shipping)
1 holder :   1.25   1.25 [Add-to-Cart]
300   0.75   225.00 (plus shipping)
600   0.60   360.00 (plus shipping)
1200   0.58   696.00 (plus shipping)
2400   0.55   1320.00 (plus shipping)
TYPE # 003

Measurements: U.S.: 8 X 3 1/2 inches or Metric: 20.2 x 8.8 cm (Thickness: .003 gauge (3 mil));
Used for large U.S. and world banknotes.
Quantity   Price Each   Total $US
1   0.80   0.80 (plus shipping)
1 holder :   1.00   1.00 UNAVAILABLE
100   0.55   55.00 (plus shipping)
500   0.48   240.00 (plus shipping)
1000   0.45   450.00 (plus shipping)
2500   0.38   950.00 (plus shipping)
5000   0.30   1500.00 (plus shipping)
10000   0.20   2000.00 (plus shipping)

Type # 003 holders with thickness of .004 gauge (4 mil) are available too. Inquire if interested.

TYPE # 004

Measurements: U.S.: 10 X 6 inches or Metric: 25.4 x 15.2 cm (Thickness: .004 gauge (4 mil));
Suitable for big/large banknotes.
Quantity   Price Each   Total $US
100   1.15   115.00 (plus shipping)
250   0.90   225.00 (plus shipping)
TYPE # 005

Measurements: U.S.: 6 3/8 X 2 3/4 inches or Metric: 16.1 x 7 cm (Thickness: .003 gauge (3 mil));
Suitable for small U.S. and world banknotes.
Quantity   Price Each   Total $US
100   0.45   45.00 (plus shipping)
500   0.42   210.00 (plus shipping)
1000   0.40   400.00 (plus shipping)
The above folders are flexible but strong. If you fold any of these folders to a certain degree with a banknote being inside of a holder the banknote will fold or bend, but will not become creased and will not remain bent. These holders protect banknotes and other kinds of paper collectibles (labels, tickets etc.) from minor damage during shipping as well.

Banknote Holding Ring Binder Display Pages For Sale (Polypropylene)
Shipping charges will be quoted to you after your order is received.
All the "Ultra Pro" pages have 3 top loading pockets. Polypropylene is safe for paper storage.
Our 8 x 3 1/2 inch Polyester holders (offered above) fit exactly into the openings.
These soft polypropylene pages have 3 ring holes and 3 top loading pockets.
TYPE "ULTRA Hologram Pages - PRO Platinum"

U.S.: 9 x 11 inches for 3 Ring Binders - 3 pocket page (Metric: 22.9 x 27.9 cm);
Suitable for all kinds of banknotes up to 3 1/2 x 7 1/2 inches.

ULTRA Hologram Pages - Pro Platinum
Quantity   Price Each   Total $US
100 (SOLD OUT)   0.00   00.00 (plus shipping)

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