Numismatic Organisations

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Numismatic Organizations around the world
American Numismatic Association - ANA
American Numismatic Society - ANS
California State Numismatic Association - CSNA
Canadian Numismatic Association - CNA
Canadian Paper Money Society - CPMS
Central States Numismatic Society - CSNS
Numismatic Error Collectors of America - CONECA
Early American Coppers Club - EACC
Florida United Numismatists - FUN
International Bank Note Society - IBNS
Numismatic Association of Southern California - NASC
Numismatic Bibliomania Society - NBS
Ontario Numismatic Association - ONA
Orders and Medals Society of America - OMSA
Oriental Numismatic Society - ONS
Pacific Northwest Numismatic Association - PNNA
Professional Numismatists Guild - PNG
Sociedade Numismatica Brasileira - SNB
Society of Paper Money Collectors - SPMC
Tasmanian Numismatic Society - TNS
Worldwide Bi-Metallic Collectors Club - WBCC
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