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Private Releases (Fantasy Notes)

All the banknotes in this category are private releases, artist's essays, play money, fun, fantasy, novelty, non-negotiable notes, unless otherwise noted.

All the items on this page are not real, official money, and most bear no monetary value, but are excellent material for promotions, gifts, entertainment or simply having fun. Some of these essay items may acquire collector's value over the years.

With more and more countries deciding to erase part of their cultural heritage and historical significance by joining currency clubs and zones, such as Eurozone, for pure convenience, there are more and more privately made novelty notes released by a variety of artists and private entities. Thus we can not resist the temptation to list some of the better designs in our online shop.


Andorra 10 Pessetes 2015 Artist's Essay (A.01/000xx) UNC
Product Code: AD-P3
$ 6.00 (€ 5.28)
Antarctica 1 Dollar 14.12.2011 (PNGN Series: PNGN128xx) UNC
Product Code: AQ-24
$ 3.00 (€ 2.64)
Antarctica 1 Dollar 1999 (Z84xx) UNC
Product Code: AQ-7
$ 3.50 (€ 3.08)
Antarctica 2 Dollars 1996 (J023xx) UNC
Product Code: AQ-1A
$ 8.00 (€ 7.04)
Antarctica 3 Dollars 2008 (G08xx) UNC
Product Code: AQ-19
$ 7.50 (€ 6.60)