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International Custom Stickers For Sale

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Do You Need a Custom Sticker for Your Car, Your Friends or Your Business?

We sell international style oval bumper (windshield) custom stickers by 10+. You can have almost anything printed on your stickers: your text, your own design, your photo etc. You can order preprinted stickers as single pieces.

International Style Stickers:

Sample Image

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Original Size: 4" x 6" (152 x 101 mm)   Add 20% for colour   Original Size: 4" x 6" (152 x 101 mm)  

Buy it Now (you can order one piece or more)

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You can have your
country code or a code for your state, province or city, your postal code or zip code, even your street address or any other letters, digits and designs added on to your sticker. If you provide us with a quality JPEG or GIF image we can have it printed on your stickers as well.

These bumper stickers are made from the finest synthetic (polypropylene or polyester) materials. Automotive grade colour pigments, heat-fused onto the material are used in the manufacturing process, so the image is resistant to weather, car washes, etc. The stickers are flexible and easy to apply.

If you need to add colour, please indicate in the special instructions what color you'd like. Colour stickers cost 20% more. A minimum order of 10 stickers is required

For best results apply your sticker to a clean, dry and smooth surface. Do not apply your sticker to loose or peeling paint.

These stickers can survive sub-zero temperatures, but for the best results they should be applied when the temperature of the surface is +10C (50F) or higher. Stickers work best on shiny surfaces. They may not stick well on dull or textured surfaces.

We ship internationally. Shipping charges are extra.

Contact us now and let us know what exactly you need done for you.

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