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Ref # Description Image
By the request of the Bank of England we have removed images of all banknotes from our
Gallery that were issued by Bank of England. Only descriptions of banknotes are provided
and no photos displayed, except the ones approved by the Bank of England.
GB-371   10 Shillings (1962-66) (Queen Elisabeth II = QEII)   No Image
GB-373   10 Shillings (1960-70) (Queen Elisabeth II; Bank logo)   [Picture & Info]
GB-374   1 Pound (1970-77) (Queen Elisabeth II)   No Image
GB-375   5 Pounds (1970-71) (Queen Elisabeth II)   No Image
GB-377   1 Pound (1978-82) (Queen Elisabeth II; Isaac Newton)   [Picture & Info]
GB-378   5 Pounds (1971-91) (Battle of Waterloo; Duke of Wellington)   [Picture & Info]
GB-379   10 Pounds (1975-92) (Queen Elisabeth II; Nightingale)   [Picture & Info]
GB-380   20 Pounds (1970-91) (QEII; William Shakespeare)   [Picture & Info]
GB-382   5 Pounds 1990- (Locomotive, Stephenson)   No Image
GB-388   50 Pounds 1994 (Queen EII; Sir J. Houblon)   No Image
GB-389   10 Pounds 2000 (Queen Elisabeth II; Charles Darwin)   [Picture & Info]
GB-390   20 Pounds (1999) (Queen Elisabeth II; Sir E. Elgar)   [Picture & Info]
GB-391   5 Pounds 2002 (Queen EII; Elizabeth Fry)   [Picture & Info]
GB-392   20 Pounds 2006- (Queen Elisabeth II; Adam Smith)   [Picture & Info]
    British Armed Forces    
GB-M2   1 Shilling (1943) (British Military Authority)   [Front] [Back]
GB-M4   5 Shillings (1943)   [Front] [Back]
GB-M5   10 Shillings (1943)   [Front] [Back]
GB-M9   3 Pence (1946)   [Front] [Back]
GB-M22   1 Pound (1948)   [Picture & Info]
GB-M23   5 Pounds (1958)   [Picture & Info]
GB-M29   1 Pound (1956)   [Picture & Info]
GB-M36   1 Pound (1962)   [Picture & Info]
GB-M47   5 New Pence (1972)   [Picture & Info]
GB-M48   10 New Pence (1972)   [Picture & Info]
GB-M49   50 New Pence (1972)   [Picture & Info]
    Private Issues    
GB-P1   20 Pounds 2014 Artist's Essay (HRH Princess Margaret)   [Picture & Info]
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