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Ref # Description Image
IT-M19   10 Lire 1943 (view of countryside) "F"   [Obverse & Reverse]
IT-M21   100 Lire 1943 A (Allied Military Currency)   [Picture & Info]
IT-31   5 Lire 23.11.1944 (Helmeted head of Italia)   [Picture & Info]
IT-54   50 Lire 29.12.1939 (wreath; Capitoline Wolfess)   [Picture & Info]
IT-64   50 Lire 31.3.1943   [Obverse] [Reverse]
IT-80   500 Lire 10.2.1948 (Italia)   [Obverse] [Reverse]
IT-88   1000 Lire 11.2.1949 (Allegorical woman "Italia")   [Picture & Info]
IT-91   50 Lire 31.12.1951   [Obverse] [Reverse]
IT-94   500 Lire 14.2.1974 (Mercury; Zeus on Trojan Horse)   [Picture & Info]
IT-95   500 Lire 20.12.1976 (Mercury; Zeus on Trojan Horse)   [Picture & Info]
IT-97   10000 Lire 27.11.1973 (Michelangelo; del Campidoglio)   [Picture & Info]
IT-98   5000 Lire 20.1.1970 (Columbus, sailship)   [Obverse] [Reverse]
IT-99   50000 Lire 4.2.1974 (Leonardo da Vinci)   [Obverse] [Reverse]
IT-101   1000 Lire 10.5.1979 (Harp; Giuseppe Verdi; La Scala)   [Picture & Info]
IT-102   5000 Lire 20.5.1971 (Columbus, sailships)   [Obverse] [Reverse]
IT-103   2000 Lire 1983 (Zodiac; Tower of Pisa; Galileo)   [Picture & Info]
IT-104   20000 Lire 21.2.1975 (Titian, painting)   [Obverse] [Reverse]
IT-105   5000 Lire 9.3.1979 (Antonello da Messina)   [Picture & Info]
IT-106   10000 Lire 30.10.1976 ("Portrait of a Man"
by Andrea del Castagno)
  [Picture & Info]
IT-107   50000 Lire 1977-82 (Volto di Donna; architecture)   [Picture & Info]
IT-108   100000 Lire 1978-82 (Botticelli Voluptas; architecture)   [Picture & Info]
IT-109   1000 Lire 6.1.1982 (Marco Polo; Doge Palace in Venice)   [Picture & Info]
IT-110   100000 Lire D. 1983 (Caravaggio; Basket of Fruit)   [Picture & Info]
IT-111C   5000 Lire 1985 (Vincenzo Bellini; Opera Norma)   [Picture & Info]
IT-112B   10000 Lire 1984 (Alessandro Volta; Mausoleum)   [Picture & Info]
IT-112D   10000 Lire 1984 (Alessandro Volta; Mausoleum)   [Picture & Info]
IT-113   50000 Lire D. 1984 (G.L. Bernini; Equestrian statue)   [Picture & Info]
IT-114   1000 Lire D.1990 (M. Montessori; teacher and student)   [Picture & Info]
IT-115   2000 Lire D.1990 (G. Marconi; yacht "Elettra"; radio)   [Picture & Info]
IT-116   50000 Lire D. 1992 (G.L. Bernini; Equestrian statue)   [Picture & Info]
IT-117   100000 Lire D. 1994 (Caravaggio; Basket of Fruit)   [Picture & Info]
IT-118   500000 Lire D.1997 Specimen   [Obverse & Reverse]
IT-118   500000 Lire D.1997 (Raffaello; The School of Athens)   [Obverse] [Reverse]
    Private Issues    
IT-P1   5000 Lire 2014 (Marco Polo; Piazzetta San Marco)   [Picture & Info]
                Since 1.1.2002 Italy uses the Euro which has become European Union's
common and world's third largest currency.
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