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Ref # Description Image
MY-9   10 Ringgit (1972-76)   [Obverse] [Reverse]
MY-13   1 Ringgit (1981) (Tuanku Abdul Rahman)   [Picture & Info]
MY-15   10 Ringgit (1976) (Tuanku Abdul Rahman; Emblem)   [Obverse] [Reverse]
MY-35   5 Ringgit (1995) (King's Palace)   [Obverse & Reverse]
MY-39   1 Ringgit (2000) (T.A. Rahman, mountain)   [Obverse & Reverse]
MY-40   2 Ringgit (1996-99) (T.A. Rahman; tower; satellite; map)   [Picture & Info]

MY-41   5 Ringgit (1999) (T.A. Rahman; Petronas Towers)   [Obverse & Reverse]
MY-42   10 Ringgit (1999) (A. Rahman; train; freighter ship; plane)   [Picture & Info]
MY-43   50 Ringgit (2001-) (T.A. Rahman; offshore oil platform)   [Picture & Info]
MY-44   100 Ringgit (2001-) (T.A. Rahman; auto manufacturing)   [Picture & Info]
MY-47   5 Ringgit (2004) (A. Rahman; Petronas Twin Towers)   [Picture & Info]
MY-50   50 Ringgit (2009) (Hibiscus; Tuanku Abdul Rahman; palms)   [Picture & Info]
MY-51   1 Ringgit (2011) (Tuanku Abdul Rahman; kite flying)   [Picture & Info]
MY-52   5 Ringgit (2011) (Abdul Rahman; Rhinoceros Hornbill)   [Picture & Info]
MY-53   10 Ringgit (2011) (T. Abdul Rahman; Rafflesia azlanii)   [Picture & Info]
MY-54   20 Ringgit (2011) (Abdul Rahman; Hawksbill sea turtles)   [Picture & Info]
MY-55   100 Ringgit (2011) (Tunku Abdul Rahman; Mount Kinabalu)   [Picture & Info]
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