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Cat # Description Image
OM-2   1/4 Rial Saidi ND(1970) Castle   [Obverse & Reverse]
OM-4   1 Rial Saidi ND(1970) Castle   [Obverse] [Reverse]
OM-6   10 Rials Saidi ND(1970) (swords, castle)   [Obverse] [Reverse]
OM-7   100 Baiza ND(1973) (Arms; ornamental designs)   [Obverse & Reverse]
OM-12   10 Rials Omani ND(1973) (swords, castle)   [Obverse & Reverse]

OM-15   1/4 Rial ND(1977) (castle)   [Obverse] [Reverse]
OM-22   100 Baisa 1994 (Sultan Qaboos bin Sa'id, Port Qaboos)   [Obverse & Reverse]
OM-23   200 Baisa 1987 (Sultan Qaboos, Rustaq Fort)   [Obverse & Reverse]
OM-25   1/2 Rial 1987 (Sultan Qaboos bin Sa'id; University)   [Obverse & Reverse]
OM-31   100 Baisa 1995 (Sultan Qaboos; irrigation; eagle; oryx)   [Picture & Info]
OM-32   200 Baisa 1995 (Sultan Qaboos; airports; view of ports)   [Picture & Info]
OM-33   1/2 Rial 1995 (Bahla Castle; Nakhl Fort; Al-Hazm Fort)   [Picture & Info]
OM-34   1 Rial 1995 (Sultan Qaboos; Sports complex; Khanjar)   [Picture & Info]
OM-39   5 Rials 2000 (Sultan Qaboos; University; Nizwa city)   [Picture & Info]
OM-40   10 Rials 2000 (Sultan Qaboos; Mutrah Fort; Corniche)   [Picture & Info]
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