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Cat # Description Image
SA-3   5 Riyals (1954) (sailboat)   [Front] [Back]
SA-4   10 Riyals (1954) (2 dhows)   [Front] [Back]
SA-8   10 Riyals (1961) (sailboats)   [Front] [Back]
SA-11   1 Riyal (1966)   [Front] [Back]
SA-13   10 Riyals (1966)   [Front] [Back]
SA-16   1 Riyal (1977) (Hill of Light; King Faisal; airport)   [Photo]
SA-17   5 Riyals (1977) (canal, dam)   [Front] [Back]
SA-21   1 Riyal (1984) (King Fahd, gold dinar coin, flowers)   [Photo]
SA-22   5 Riyals (1983) (King Fahd; dhows; oil refinery)   [Picture & Info]
SA-23   10 Riyals (1983) (King Fahd; fortress; palm trees)   [Picture & Info]
SA-24   50 Riyals (1983) (King Fahd; Mosque of Omar; Al-Aqsa)   [Picture & Info]
SA-27   20 Riyals (2000) (King Abdul Aziz; Al Noor Mtn.) hologram   [Picture & Info]
SA-31   1 Riyal 2007 (King Abdullah; Monetary Agency building)   [Picture & Info]
SA-32   5 Riyals 2007 (Oil refinery; King; Jubayl Port)   [Picture & Info]
SA-33   10 Riyals 2007 (King's Palace; King; Historical Centre)   [Picture & Info]
SA-34   50 Riyals 2007 (Qubbat al-Sakhra (Rock Dome); Al-Aqsa)   [Picture & Info]
SA-35   100 Riyals 2007 (The Prophet's Mosque (Masjid Al-Nabawi);
King A. bin Abdul Aziz; Al-Madinah Al-Munawarah)
  [Picture & Info]
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