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Ref # Description Image
Obsolete Notes & Scrip issued by State, County etc.
PNL   Monroe Township 5 Dollars April 12, 1934 (SCRIP)   [Obverse]
PNL   Hamilton Township 1 Dollar 10.4.1936 (SCRIP)   [Obverse]
PNL   The City of Long Branch 1 Dollar 1.5.1934 (SCRIP)   [Obverse]
Obsolete Bank Notes & Private Scrip
PNL   State Bank of New Brunswick $1 18xx   [Obverse] [Reverse]
PNL   Newton: The Sussex Bank 1 Dollar 18xx   [Obverse]
PNL   Newton: The Sussex Bank 2 Dollars 18xx   [Obverse]
US-NJ3   1 Dollar 10.4.1936 (Township of Hamilton)   [Picture & Info]
Statehood Commemorative Notes (private issue)
PNL   25 Dollars 1999 (The Garden State)   [Obverse & Reverse]
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