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Afghanistan 100 Afghanis 1381-1383 (2002-2004)

Item Code: AF-70

Front: Pul-e Kheshti Mosque (Masjid-e Pul-e Khishti; Pul-e-Khishti, Pul-i Khishti) in Kabul.
Back: Qila-e Bost Arch near Lashkar Gah. Variant names: Qal'eh-ye Bost (Qal'eh-ye Bust, Qal'eh-ye Bist),
Qal'a-i-Bust (Qal'a-i-Bost, Qal'a-i-Bist), Qala Bist (Qala Bust, Qala Bost), Qala-e-Bost.
Watermark: Mausoleum of Mirwais Khan Hotak - Mirwais Nika in Kandahar.

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Dimensions: 148 x 62 mm

Texts: Da Afghanistan Bank.

Afghanistan Banknote Gallery | Afghani Banknotes For Sale

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