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Ref # Description Image
AG-13   1 Dollar (1965) (QEII; coastline; map)   [Picture & Info]
AG-14   5 Dollars (1965) (QEII; coastline; map)   [Picture & Info]
AG-17   1 Dollar (1985-88) (QEII; windsurfer; coastline)   [Obverse & Reverse]
AG-22   5 Dollars (1988-93) (windsurfer; coastline)   [Obverse & Reverse]
AG-33   20 Dollars (1994) (QEII; map; nutmeg; fish)   [Obverse & Reverse]
AG-37   5 Dollars (2000) (Admiral's House; Trafalgar Falls)   [Picture & Info]
AG-42   5 Dollars (2003) (Admiral's House; Trafalgar Falls)   [Picture & Info]
AG-43   10 Dollars (2003) (QEII; Admiralty Bay; The Warspite)   [Picture & Info]
AG-44   20 Dollars (2003) (Fauna; Govt. House; Map; Nutmeg)   [Picture & Info]
Ref #   $100 Gold and Silver Banknotes (1988)   Ships & Pirates
AG-CS5a   Jean Laffite and The Pride   [Picture & Info]
AG-CS5b   Captain Howell Davis and the King James   [Picture & Info]
AG-CS5c   Captain Kidd and the Adventure Galley   [Picture & Info]
AG-CS5d   Captain Thomas Cocklyn and the Bird Galley   [Picture & Info]
AG-CS5e   Sir Francis Drake and the Golden Hind   [Picture & Info]
AG-CS5f   Stede Bonnet's Sloop Royal James   [Picture & Info]
AG-CS5g   Charles Vane's Ship Challenges HMS Buck   [Picture & Info]
AG-CS5h   Captain G. Lowther and the Happy Delivery   [Picture & Info]
AG-CS5i   Captain Edward England and the Cassandra   [Picture & Info]
AG-CS5j   Captain Henry Avery and the Gang-i-Saway   [Picture & Info]
AG-CS5k   Admiral Piet Heyn and the Amsterdam   [Picture & Info]
AG-CS5l   Captain William Taylor and the Victory   [Picture & Info]
AG-CS5m   Anne Bonny Boards John Halman's Sloop   [Picture & Info]
AG-CS5n   Bartolomeo the Portugese and his Barque   [Picture & Info]
AG-CS5o   Bartholomew Roberts's Royal Fortune   [Picture & Info]
AG-CS5p   Blackbeard's Queen Anne's Revenge   [Picture & Info]
AG-CS5q   Benito de Soto and the Black Joke   [Picture & Info]
AG-CS5r   Calico Jack Rackam and his Merchantman   [Picture & Info]
AG-CS5s   Captain Charles Gibbs's Schooner Maria   [Picture & Info]
AG-CS5t   Sir Henry Mainwaring and the Resistance   [Picture & Info]
AG-CS5u   Captain Edward Low and his Brigantine   [Picture & Info]
AG-CS5v   Captain Jean Fleury and the Dieppe   [Picture & Info]
AG-CS5w   Captain Thomas Anstis and the Good Fortune   [Picture & Info]
AG-CS5x   Captain Thomas Tew and the Amity   [Picture & Info]
AG-CS5y   Easton Attacks on Newfoundland Coast   [Picture & Info]
AG-CS5z   François L'Ollonais attacks Puerto Caballos   [Picture & Info]
AG-CS5aa   Pierre LeGrand captures Vice-Admiral's Ship   [Picture & Info]
AG-CS5ab   Sir Henry Morgan captures the Marquesa   [Picture & Info]
AG-CS5ac   Captain Samuel Bellamy and the Whidah   [Picture & Info]
AG-CS5ad   Captain William Dampier and the St. George   [Picture & Info]

Antigua & Barbuda currently uses the East Caribbean Dollar.
For earlier issues & more info see:
British East Caribbean Territories.

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