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Albania 200 Lekė 2001

Item Code: AL-67

Front: Portrait of Naim Frasheri (1846-1900), an illustrious writer of the Albanian Renaissance; Opened book in the
background; Building faēade of the Bank of Albania. Back: The house where Naim Frasheri was born; a page with
verses taken from one of his poems "Ti Shqipėri mė jep nder, mė jep emrin Shqipėtar" (English: You, Albania, bestow
upon me the honour and the name Albanian); his pen. First Date of Issue: 11 July 1997. Second Date of Issue:
8 April 2002. Third Date of Issue: 20 July 2009. Printers: Thomas De La Rue & Co. Ltd., London, England (1996);
Franēois-Charles Oberthür (2001). Watermark: Effigy of Naim Frasheri.

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Dimensions: 138 x 69 mm

Texts: Banka E Shqiperise; Dyqind Lekė.


Remark: The note is manufactured from high quality cotton fibre security paper.

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