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Armenia 500 Dram 2017

Item Code: AM-60

Front: Reliquary containing a fragment of Noah's Ark held at the Echmiadzin Cathedral Museum. Etchmiadzin Cathedral and Monastery in Vagharshapat (Ejmiatsin) with a background view of Mount Ararat. Dove of peace. Back: Noah's family with their animals and birds with Mt. Ararat as a backdrop. Watermark: Noah's Ark vessel; Electrotype '500'. Dominant colours: Sandy tan brown and greyish blue. Engraver: Suren Simonyan. Signatures: Arthur Javadyan (Chairman, 2014 – June 2020); Vardan Aramyan (Finance Minister, 20 Sept. 2016 – 12 May 2018). Issuer: Central Bank of Armenia. Date of Issue: 22 November 2017. Withdrawn: Current. Legal tender: Yes. Material: Hybrid™ - a high quality composite substrate based on a cotton paper, which is covered with thin polyester layers on both sides. Printing method: Intaglio. Printer: Giesecke+Devrient, München, Germany (G+D).

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Dimensions: 140 x 76 mm

Texts: Central Bank of the Republic of Armenia. Five Hundred Dram.

Armenian Banknote Gallery | Armenian Banknotes For Sale

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