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Argentina 50 Pesos 2012

Item Code: AR-356

© Front: Portrait of Domingo Faustino Sarmiento (1811–1888), the second President of Argentina. Blossoms of a Jacaranda tree. Ortografía, Instrucción Publica. Reproduction of a manuscript of "Vida de Dominguito", biography of his adopted son, Domingo Fidel Sarmiento, who died at the Battle of Curupaytí, Paraguay (22 Sept. 1866). Back: May Pyramid (25 Mayo 1810), Plaza de Mayo and Casa de Gobierno (Casa Rosada) with two palm trees in Buenos Aires. La Porteña locomotive. Sailing ship. European immigrants. Quill pen and inkpot. Chilean newspaper "El Progreso", publisher of "Facundo: Civilization and Barbarism", book written in 1845 by D.F. Sarmiento. Argentinian coat of arms. Watermark: Portrait of D.F. Sarmiento and his initials "DFS" in electrotype. Main colours: Purple and jasmine. Artist: CdM-A. Engraved by: CdM-A. Signatures: Mercedes Marco del Pont (Presidente B.C.R.A., 2010–2013); Julian Dominguez (Presidente de la Honorable Cámara de Diputados). Issuer: Central Bank of the Republic of Argentina (BCRA). Date of first issue: 19 July 1999. Date of Issue: Circa 2012. Withdrawn: N/a. Demonetized: N/a. Legal tender: N/a. Material: 100% cotton paper (83 grams per square meter). Printer: Casa de Moneda de la República Argentina (CdM-A). Collector value: $8 in 2022 (UNC). ©

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Dimensions: 155 x 65 mm
Remark: All banknotes printed with the legend “convertibles de curso legal” (convertible legal tender) remain in circulation and may be used as means of payment.

Texts: Banco Central de la Republica Argentina. Cincuenta Pesos. Fifty Pesos. En Unión y Libertad. Domingo Faustino Sarmiento (San Juan 1811 – Paraguay 1888) Presidente de la Nacion Argentina (1868–1874). Gobernador de San Juan, Pedagogo, Escritor, Estadista y Militar.

Argentina Banknote Gallery | Argentinian Banknotes For Sale

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