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Australia 5 Dollars 2002-2015
Item Code: AU-57B
Front: Sprig of eucalyptus (gum tree). Portrait of H.M. Queen Elizabeth II from photographs commissioned by the Reserve Bank
in 1984. The Queen gave approval to use this portrait on an Australian banknote in 1988, and it appeared on the first AU$5 polymer
banknote on 7 July 1992. Gum flower as window image. Reverse: The Old and the New Parliament Houses (opened in 1927 and
1988, respectively) in Canberra. The images are the designer's interpretation of various architectural drawings and photographs.
Above the images of the Old and New Parliament Houses is a plan of the New Parliament House. This was based on the Design
Development Landscape Plan, which was provided by the Parliament House Construction Authority. Watermark: N/a.
Security features: Running serial numbers fluorescing yellow under ultraviolet light. See-through register. Main colours: Black,
violet and mauve (purple). Designer: Bruce Stewart (Chief designer, Note Printing Australia). Engraver: Bruce Stewart.
Signatures: Ian John MacFarlane (Governor, 1996-2006); Dr. Kenneth Ross "Ken" Henry (Secretary to the Treasury, 2001-2011).
Printing method: Intaglio. Issuer: Reserve Bank of Australia. First Date of Issue: 24 April 1995. Withdrawn from circulation:
Current. Legal tender: Yes. Material: Polymer substrate. Printer: Note Printing Australia Ltd. (NPA).
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Dimensions: 131 x 65 mm
Remark: Australia ceased to issue replacement notes in the year 1972.
Texts: Australia. Five Dollars. This Australian Note Is Legal Tender Throughout Australia And Its Territories.
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