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Barbados 100 Dollars (2000)

Item Code: BB-65

Front: Sir Grantley Herbert Adams (1898 - 1971) - first Premier of Barbados; Stylized dolphin as a see-through feature;
Coat of arms; Flying fish; Trident in the background; Golden foil pelican over the Pride of Barbados (Caesalpinia
pulcherrima). Back: Trafalgar Square (National Heroes Square) in Bridgetown; Parliament buildings and the Careenage,
Eastern Carlisle Bay, Bridgetown. Watermark: Map outline of Barbados; waves. Printer: Thomas De La Rue & Co. Ltd.

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Dimensions: 150 x 65 mm

Texts: Central Bank of Barbados; These notes are legal tender for payment of any amount; One Hundred Dollars;
Pride and Industry.


Fact: Barbadian banknotes are printed on paper made of cotton fibre, which is more durable.

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