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Ref # Description Image
BD-5   1 Taka (1973) (hand holding rice plants)   [Picture & Info]
BD-6   1 Taka (1973) (woman preparing grain)   [Picture & Info]
BD-6B   1 Taka (1982) (arms; deer)   [Picture & Info]
BD-6C   2 Taka (1988) (Sun; monument; Dhyal, Magpie-robin)   [Picture & Info]
BD-32   10 Taka (1996) (Atiya Jame Mosque; hydroelectric dam)   [Picture & Info]
BD-33a   10 Taka (1997) (Sheikh Mujibur Rahman; Lalbagh Fort)   [Picture & Info]
BD-33b   10 Taka (1998) (Sheikh Mujibur Rahman; Lalbagh Fort)   [Picture & Info]
BD-35   10 Taka 2000 (M. Rahman; National Assembly) polymer   [Picture & Info]
BD-39a   10 Taka 2002 (Baitul Mukarram; National Parliament)   [Picture & Info]
BD-39Ab   10 Taka 2007 (Baitul Mukarram; National Parliament)   [Picture & Info]
BD-40   20 Taka 2006 (Choto Sona Masjid; men washing jute)   [Picture & Info]
BD-41   50 Taka 2003 (Assembly; Bagha Mosque)   [Picture & Info]
BD-45   500 Taka 2007 (National Mausoleum; Saat Masjid)   [Picture & Info]
BD-46   5 Taka 2006 (Mehrab niche in Kusumbag mosque; factory)   [Picture & Info]
BD-46Aa   5 Taka 2007 (Mehrab niche in Kusumbag mosque; factory)   [Picture & Info]
BD-49   100 Taka 2007 (National Mausoleum; mosque; bridge)   [Picture & Info]
BD-52   2 Taka 2011 (Sheikh Mujibur Rahman; Shaheed Minar)   [Picture & Info]
BD-53   5 Taka 2011 (Sheikh Mujibur Rahman; Kushumba Mosque)   [Picture & Info]
BD-54   10 Taka 2012 (Sheikh Mujibur Rahman; Baitul Mukarram)   [Picture & Info]
BD-55   20 Taka 2012 (Sheikh Mujibur Rahman; Shait-Gumbad)   [Picture & Info]
BD-56   50 Taka 2011 (Sheikh Mujibur Rahman; buffalo ploughing)   [Picture & Info]
BD-60   40 Taka 2011 (Sheikh Mujibur Rahman; armed martyrs)   [Picture & Info]
BD-61   60 Taka 2012 (New and first Shaheed Minar monuments)   [Picture & Info]
BD-62   25 Taka 2013 (National Memorial; Security Printing Corp.)   [Picture & Info]
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