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Belgium 50 Francs 1966

Item Code: BE-139

Front: King Baudouin (Boudewijn) I and Queen Fabiola in profile. Coat of arms. Back: Belgian Parliament Building in Brussels (Bruxelles). Watermark: Effigy of King Baudouin in profile. Work by: L. De Decker (obverse) and H. Schepers (reverse). Engraved by: C. Leclercqz (obverse) and H. Decuyper (reverse). Main colour: Brown. Signature variety: Marcel D'Haese (1); Maurice Esselen / Maurits Esselens (2); Emiel Kestens (3); René Lauwerijns (4; depicted) (Le Directeur Général de la Trésorerie - De Directeur-Generaal der Thesaurie). Issuer: Treasury, National Bank of Belgium. Date of issue: 16 May 1966. Material: Cotton paper. Printer: Treasury, National Bank of Belgium.

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Dimensions: 127 x 64 mm

Texts: Royaume de Belgique. Cinquante Francs. Trésorerie. La loi punit le contrefacteur. Koninkrijk Belgie. Vijftig Frank. Thesaurie. De namaker wordt door de wet gestraft. Eendracht Maakt Macht (Unity Makes Strength). Fifty Francs.

Belgium Banknote Gallery | Belgian Banknotes For Sale

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