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Belgium 100 Francs / Frank 1982-1994

Item Code: BE-142

Front: Effigy of architect Hendrik Beyaert (1823-1894) wearing spectacles (eyeglasses). Nationale Bank building
as seen from Mechelsesteenweg (also located at Bourlastraat corner with Frankrijklei 164-166) in Antwerpen. National
Bank's Hotel in Brussels. Wrought iron fencing. Back: Architectural decorative wrought iron fencing with arches.
Three-dimensional geometric multi-faceted design. Watermark: Effigy of King Baudouin I in 1/2 profile. Work by:
Yvon Adam; Manfred Hürrig; Anne Velghe (Inv. - Sketch authors, designers); C. Leclercqz (Sc. - Engraver). Colours:
Maroon red, purple, green, blue, violet and salmon. Signatures: Pol Dasin (De Schatbewaarder - Le Tresorier); Jean
Godeaux (De Gouverneur - Le Gouverneur). Year of issue: 1980. Printer: Unknown.

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Dimensions: 142 x 75 mm

Texts: Banque Nationale de Belgique. Cent Francs. Nationale Bank van Belgie. Honderd Frank. National Bank of
Belgium. One Hundred Francs. Le contrefacteur est puni des travaux forcés (Art.173 du Code Penal). De namaker
wordt met dwangarbeid gestraft (Art.173 van het Strafwetboek).

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