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Belgium 5 Francs 1914-1921

Item Code: BE-75

Front: Allegorical family and allegorical couple in the background. Back: Allegorical woman, youth, children and cherubins.
Decorative vase. Watermark: National Bank initials "BNB". Work by: Henri Hendrickx (Designer & Artist, 1817-1894); Albert
Doms (Engraver). Main colours: Green and brown. Signatures: Unidentified (Le Tresorier); Unidentified (Le Gouverneur).
Issuer: National Bank of Belgium. Date of issue: 3 Jan. 1921 (1914). Printer: Unknown.

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Dimensions: 125 x 81 mm

Texts: Banque Nationale de Belgique. Cinq Francs payables a vue. La loi punit le contrefacteur des
travaux forces. Nationale Bank van Belgie. Vijf Frankbetaalbaar op zicht. De namaker wordt door de
wet met dwangarbeid gestraft. National Bank of Belgium. Five Francs.

Belgium Banknote Gallery | Belgian Banknotes For Sale

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