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Bulgaria 1 Lev 1999

Item Code: BG-114

Front: 1789 icon depicting Saint Ivan Rilski (876 - 946) from the Uspenie Bogorodichno (Assumption of Our Lady)
Church in the Pchelino Postnica (Hermitage) near the Rila Monastery. Ornamental wrought iron. Old Church Slavonic
text. Back: The main Rila Monastery church set off by the cloister's open-air walkways. Watermark: Rampant lion
facing left. Predominant colours: Red and gold buff. Signature: Svetoslav Gavriiski (Governor); Lyuben Ivanov
(Chief Cashier). Date of Issue: 5 July 1999. Legal tender: Yes, but replaced by coin. Paper: 100% cotton.
BNB Printing Works, Sofia.

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Dimensions: 112 x 60 mm
Security Features

Anti-copy Stripe - a hologram stripe consisting of rhomboid elements which change their colour when seen from different angles.

Security Thread - a thread incorporated in the banknote paper with initials “BNB" appearing as a negative microprint..

Fluorescence - elements of the pattern, serial numbers and fibres in the paper fluoresce under UV light.

Microprint on the obverse - to the left of the portrait there are alternating lines with the texts: “IVAN RILSKI" and “876 – 946”; the text “LEV" in the right side of the element under the denomination digit “1”.

Microprint on the reverse - the text "EDIN LEV RILSKI MANASTIR" (ONE LEV RILA MONASTERY) appearing in the middle of the upper side of the banknote; the text “LEV" in the right side of the element under the denomination digit “1”.

Aid for the Visually Impaired - an embossed triangle pointed upwards and a circle underneath.


Texts: Bwlgarska Narodna banka. Edin Lev. Upravitel. Glaven Kasier. Za podpravka vinovnite se nakazvat
swglasno zakona. Bulgarian National Bank. One Lev.

Bulgaria Banknote Gallery | Bulgarian Banknotes For Sale

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