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Bulgaria 10 Leva 2020

Item Code: BG-117c

Front: An engraving portrait of Doctor Petar Beron (1799 - 1871) a National Revival scientist, Renaissance Man, reformer and sponsor of Bulgarian learning. His authograph signature. Stylized globe; rhinoceros; whale. Back: Sketches (astrolabe, quadrant, etc.) taken from Peter Beron's treatises in astronomy, and his personal telescope. Watermark: Portrait of Doctor Petar Beron; Electrotype bank initials "BNB". Predominant colour: Olive green. Artist: BNB Printing Works. Signatures: Dimitar Radev (Governor, since 14 July 2015); Stefan Tzvetkov (Chief Cashier). Date of Issue: 12 June 2020 (also in circulation from). Legal tender: Yes. Paper: 100% cotton. Printer: BNB Printing Works, Sofia.

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Dimensions: 126 x 70 mm
Security Features

Raised print - the portrait of Dr. Petar Beron, the words “BULGARSKA NARODNA BANKA” (BULGARIAN NATIONAL BANK) and “DESET LEVA” (TEN LEVS), the figure “10”, the vignette and the words “10 LEVA” (10 LEVS) appearing on the holografic stripe.

Security thread – built into the paper and partially appearing on the reverse, with a repeating light-coloured text ‘BNB 10’ and a diagonal dynamic optical effect, shifting its colour from golden to green. The repeating text ‘BNB 10’ is visible on the obverse when the banknote is held up to the light.

Visually impaired aid - an embossed image of a rectangle and circle underneath.

Additional mark for visually impaired people – two thick and eight thin lines at an angle along the short sides of the banknote.

Watermark - a half-tone image of the portrait from the banknote and contrasting initials “BNB" (new element).

Security thread (new design) - a metallized strip woven into the paper with a minitext “BNB 10", partially showing through on the reverse side of the banknote, changing colour from green to red at a different viewing angle, when observed through a polarized filter, tilted black and white stripes can be seen on the reverse side of the banknote’s security strip.

See-through register – as the banknote is held against the light, the figure “10” appears within a rectangular chequered field.

Hologram stripe with optical effects – images of the earth globe, a telescope, and a planet, alternating when the banknote is tilted; a coloured hologram portrait of Dr. Petar Beron; a stylised image of an armillary sphere; images of a ‘crowned lion rampant’ with a dynamic effect and a 3D image of the number 10.

Micro-print on the obverse – horizontal lines with the texts ‘PETAR BERON’ and ‘1799 1871’ in the background to the left of the portrait; two vertical lines to the right of the portrait with the text ‘PETAR BERON’; the text ‘10 LEVA’ filling up the number 10; 10’s forming a strip under the year of issue ‘2020’.

Micro-print on the reverse – the text ‘PETAR BERON’ forming a vertical strip in the left side of the banknote.

Fluorescence on the obverse – under UV light (365 nanometres), to the right of the hologram stripe appears a strip, fluorescent in red, composed of repeating 10’s and globe images; the two serial numbers, the right half of the background elements, the see-through register and the signatures of the Governor and the Chief Cashier fluoresce in green.

Fluorescence on the reverse – under UV light (365 nanometres), the telescope and parts of the illustrations in the academic works fluoresce in red; Dr. Petar Beron’s portrait fluoresces in blue, and a globe and two 10’s fluoresce in yellow-green.

Hidden image (new element) – at a viewing angle of 15-20 degrees, the words “10 LEVA” appear on the right of the holographic stripe.


Texts: Balgarska Narodna banka. Deset Leva. Upravitel. Glaven Kasier. Za podpravka vinovnite se nakazvat
saglasno zakona. Bulgarian National Bank. Ten Levas.

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