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Bulgaria 1 Lev 1974

Item Code: BG-93

Front: Coat of arms of Bulgaria depicting a rampant lion. Back: Woman picking grapes in vineyard.
Watermark: Pattern made up of repeated hammer and sickle. Main colour: Light green. Work by: Unknown.
Engraved by: Unknown. Signatures: None. Issuer: Bulgarian National Bank. Date of issue: 15 July 1974.
Date of withdrawal: 31 December 1996. Legal tender: No. Material: 100% cotton. Printer: Goznak, Moscow.

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Dimensions: 110 x 56 mm

Texts: Narodna Republika Bulgaria. Bulgarska Narodna Banka. Dva Leva. People's Republic of Bulgaria.
Two Leva. Banknotata e obespechena s's zlato i vsichki aktivi na bankata. Za podpravka vinovnite
se nakazvat po zakona.

Bulgaria Banknote Gallery | Bulgarian Banknotes For Sale

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