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Ref # Description Image
BH-8   1 Dinar 1973 (Manama Mosque Minaret; map; sailboat)   [Picture & Info]
BH-16x   20 Dinars (1993) (Bab Al Bahrain; Ahmad al Fateh)   [Picture & Info]
BH-18   1/2 Dinar L.1973(1998-) (man weaving; aluminium factory)   [Picture & Info]
BH-19   1 Dinar L.1973(1998-) (Dilmun Seal; BMA building)   [Picture & Info]
BH-20b   5 Dinars (2002) (Riffa Fortress; International Airport)   [Picture & Info]
BH-21b   10 Dinars (1998-) (Map; Dhow; King Fahd Causeway)   [Picture & Info]
BH-24   20 Dinars (2001) (Shaikh Hamad bin Issa Al Khalifa)   [Picture & Info]
BH-25a   Half Dinar 2006 (Bahrain Court; International Circuit)   [Picture & Info]
BH-26a   One Dinar 2006 (School; Sail monument; Arabian horses)   [Picture & Info]
BH-27a   Five Dinars 2006 (Riffa Fort; first oil well, etc.)   [Picture & Info]
BH-28   Ten Dinars 2006 (Kg. Hamad Bin Isa Al Khalifa; causeway)   [Picture & Info]
BH-29   Twenty Dinars 2006 (Hamad Bin Isa Al Khalifa; Al Fateh)   [Picture & Info]
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