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Bolivia 20 Bolivianos L.1928

Item Code: BO-122

Front: Portrait of Simón Bolívar (1783 - 1830), the Liberator, in military uniform. View of Potosi with Cerro Rico (Sumaq Urqu) in the background. Back: Coat of arms of Bolivia with Andean condor on top. Watermark: None. Security features: Consecutively running blue horizontal serial numbers on the obverse side of the banknote. Microprinting. Scattered colored dots in the paper. Predominant color: Brown. Artist: Unknown. Signatures: (as depicted) Fernando Arce (Accountant - Contador); Manuel Prudencio (Superintendente de Bancos); Humberto Cuenca de la Riva (General Manager - Gerente General BCB). Printing method: Intaglio. Issuer: Central Bank of Bolivia. Date of Law: 20 July 1928. Date of Issue: N/a. Withdrawal: N/a. Legal tender: No. Total issue: Unknown. Material: Cotton paper. Printer: American Bank Note Company (ABNC).

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Dimensions: 158 x 80 mm

Texts: El Banco Central de Bolivia pagara al Portador a la vista Veinte Bolivianos en oro o giros-oro. Twenty Bolivians.

Bolivian Banknote Gallery | Bolivian Banknotes For Sale

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