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Bolivia 50 Bolivianos 2018

Item Code: BO-250

Front: Portraits of José Manuel Baca "Cañoto" (1790 - 1854), a patriotic fighter for independence of Bolivia; Bruno Racua Chimay (1879 - 1932), a national hero who fought in the Acre War, and Pablo Zárate Willka, an indigenous Bolivian caudillo. Inkallajta ruins (Fortaleza de Inkallajta) - Temple La Kallanka, archeological complex built from 1463 to 1472 nearest Cochabamba, Bolivia. Back: Nevado Sajama, an extinct stratovolcano and the highest peak in Bolivia. Andean flamingo or Flamenco andino (Phoenicoparrus andinus). Quinua real (Chenopodium quinoa). Denomination '50' as a registration device. Watermark: Portrait of José Manuel Baca "Cañoto", a guitar and electrotype '50'. Security features: Vertical, segmented, windowed, 4 mm wide metallic security thread that is exposed on the front side of the banknote. Watermarked paper. Consecutively running black horizontal serial numbers on the obverse side of the banknote. Microprinting. Scattered security fibers (hairs), parts of the design elements, the denomination and the horizontal serial numbers fluoresce under ultraviolet light. Flamingo as colour-changing SPARK element. Predominant colour: Purple. Artist: Unknown. Signatures: Pablo Ramos Sánchez (President BCB, 3 Jan. 2017 - 17 Dec. 2019); Carlos Alberto Colodro López (General Manager - Gerente General BCB). Printing method: Intaglio. Issuer: Central Bank of Bolivia. Date of Law 901: 28 Nov. 1986. Date of Issue: 10 April 2018. Withdrawal: N/a. Legal tender: Yes. Total issue: Unknown. Material: Cotton paper. Printer: Oberthur Fiduciaire, Paris, France. Collector value: $20.00 in 2020 (UNC).

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Dimensions: 141 x 70 mm

Texts: Banco Central de Bolivia. Estado Plurinacional de Bolivia. Cincuenta Bolivianos. Fifty Bolivians.

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