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              Bank Founder's Guidebook. Paperback - 353 pages (July 1, 1999).
Bank Founder's Guidebook is a comprehensive, step-by-step guide to chartering
and opening a de novo bank. SNL Securities, The Banking Information Experts,
in partnership with the Independent Community Bankers of America, has compiled
the expertise of lawyers, accountants and consultants who specialize in bank
The Guidebook also leads you to the experts, with an extensive directory
of attorneys, consultants and accountants who are actively advising de novo
clients, as well as contacts for state chartering information in all 50 states.

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              House of Rothschild : The World's Banker, 1849-1999
by Niall Ferguson. Hardcover - 608 pages (October 1999).
From Kirkus Reviews - Once upon a time, the Rothschilds were the wealthiest
people on earth. In a thorough, diligent study, Ferguson (History/Oxford)
completes his grand chronicle of the family that achieved history's greatest
economic hegemony (The House of Rothschild: Money's Prophets, 1798-1848,
1998). Access to family records, hitherto unavailable, was facilitated by the
English branch of the clan for this monumental authorized history. Ferguson
makes their engrossing story an advanced seminar on the financial history of Europe.

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              Banking in Asia : The End of Entitlement by Dominic Casserley,
Julie Silberger, Leo Puri, Greg Gibb. Hardcover - 429 pages (September 1999).
Book Description - This book fills a critical void for commercial and investment
bankers and others interested in understanding today's trends and challenges
in Asian banking. It provides industry overviews as well as objective perspectives
to help asses the options for expanding, refocusing, or exiting all types of
banking businesses.
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              Central Bank Independence, Targets and Credibility : Political
and Economic Aspects of Delegation Arrangements for Monetary
by Francesco Lippi. Hardcover (March 1999).
Jakob de Haan, University of Groningen, The Netherlands - 'Lippi's book offers
a number of very interesting extensions of the literature on central bank independence
and credibility of monetary policy. The author combines a good knowledge of this
topic with interesting new insights. No doubt, this book will be very useful for
scholars in this rapidly developing research area.'
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              China's Unfinished Economic Revolution by Nicholas R. Lardy.
Hardcover - 240 pages (September 1998).
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              Commercial Bank Valuation by William D. Miller. Hardcover - 263
pages (October 1995).
The publisher, John Wiley & Sons - A comprehensive guide to the valuation
of banks, savings and loans, thrifts, credit unions and other financial institutions
for mid- to upper-level banking executives. From evaluating underlying assets to
analyzing a bank's potential market, Miller offers bank professionals the tools
and techniques they need to complete an accurate valuation. Illustrates the
importance of and provides comprehensive explanations of the unique financial
structure of banks, bank income statements, bank operation and management
and overall structure of the banking industry.
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              Directory of the World's Banks by Euromoney Books (Editor).
Hardcover 1400 pages. 11th edition (June 2000).
More than 10,000 institutions from around the world are included, representing
211 countries. The directory is divided into four large regions--Africa/Middle East,
Asia/Pacific, Europe, and the Americas. It is organized alphabetically by country
within each region, and then by bank name. Key information is provided for most
institutions, including contact details, senior executives, divisional heads,
correspondent banks, subsidiaries and affiliates, and ownership details. Selected
statistical information variously includes the number of employees, number of
branches, and market capitalization. A ranking by asset value of the largest 250
banks in each region is provided.
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              The Future of Central Banking : The Tercentenary Symposium
of the Bank of England
by Forrest Capie, Charles Goodhart (Contributor),
Stanley Fischer (Contributor), Norbert Schnadt. Hardcover (July 1995)
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              Japanese Interfirm Networks and Their Main Banks by Mark J. Scher.
Hardcover - 176 pages (December 1997).
A reader from Chicago, IL , November 19, 1997 - Revealing insight into Japan's
financial markets Few Americans have the experience and breadth of knowledge
about the Japanese economy as Mark Scher, who has spent the last 25 years
mining its secrets. Finding that most western Paradigms about the Japanese
economy don't fit the facts, Scher developed his own. Scher's work is widely
known and respected in Europe (his Phd is from the University of Manchester,
no less). However, our "Chicago School" economists will not be satisfied with
a perspective that suggests that something other than a totally free market can work.
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              Microeconomics of Banking by Xavier Freixas, Jean-Charles Rochet.
Hardcover - 400 pages (December 1997).
Book Description - "The authors have provided an extremely thorough and
up-to-date survey of microeconomic theories of financial intermediation. This work
manages to be both rigorous and pleasant to read. Such a book was long overdue
and should be required reading for anybody interested in the economics of banking
and finance." -- Mathias Dewatripont, Professor of Economics, ECARE, Université
Libre de Bruxelles.
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              The Teller's Handbook : Everything a Teller Needs to Know
to Succeed
by Joan German-Grapes. Paperback - 384 pages (August 1997).
Reader from Singapore , November 1, 1998 - A Must-have Handbook for Tellers
Its topics are superb in enhancing tellers' banking knowledge, or bankability
quality. Not only it can be considered or drafted in part of the banking institutions'
training manuals. It serves to boost your self-confidence in opting for this
profession as your career prospect. You will definitely enlightened as I had; that
changed my minds to remain in this frontline business rather than to some
administrative position. You would not regret reading it or even to the extend
of buying it for your library collection as I did.
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              Your Bank Is Ripping You Off by Edward F., Jr Mrkvicka. Paperback -
224 pages (March 1997).
Synopsis - Edward F. Mrkvicka, Jr. is past chairman and CEO of a national bank.
He shows how to shop for better loans, why "safe deposit" boxes aren't safe,
and how to minimize charges that erode hard-earned savings. This is the book
bankers don't want their customers to read. Reveals the duplicitous ways in which
banks make profits off of their customers' savings and mortgages and shows
readers how to save money by negotiating better loans, minimizing automatic
teller charges, and other strategies.
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              How the Stock Market Works by John M. Dalton (Editor). Paperback -
352 pages 2nd edition (November 1993).

A reader , June 3, 1996 Concise, straight forward source of information. This
book should be the starting point for all investors and/or people interested in
investing. It is broken down into numerous chapters, each explaining in detail
almost every facet of the history of and investing in general. This book is
where you should begin.
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              Market Wizards : Interviews With Top Traders by Jack D. Schwager
(Editor). Paperback - 480 pages Reissue edition (January 1993).
Martin W. Zweig, Market Forecaster - "One of the most fascinating books ever
written about Wall Street." Book Description: A bestselling classic (more than
95,000 copies sold in hardcover and paperback) that delves into the minds of some
of the world's most successful traders.

Arnaldo Leon from San Francisco, CA , June 20, 1999 - Best trading book ever
written... period! AWESOME inspiration and a true treasure trove of information
and tips. I take it everywhere I go, and re-read it as often as possible.
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              The Motley Fool Investment Guide: How the Fools Beat Wall
Street's Wise Men and How You Can Too
by David Gardner, Tom
Paperback - 297 pages Reprint edition (June 1997).
Reviews: - Should you let a Fool tell you where to invest your money? If
he's a Motley Fool, the answer is a resounding YES! David and Tom Gardner
launched the most successful investment information service ever to grace
cyberspace, and now they show you how to beat the market, even if you don't
know a dividend from a divining rod. With this guide, you'll find out how the
information revolution can put money in your pocket.
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              Investing Online for Dummies With CDROM by Kathleen Sindell.
Paperback - 384 pages (February 1998).
Brad Hylan from Cleveland, Ohio , May 12, 1999 - This book is a great reference
for investors! Investing Online for Dummies,2nd Edition is extremely well
written and well organized. It is a must have book!!! It doesn't matter if you are
a beginning investor or more experienced... you need this book as a reference
and guide. Dr. Sindell has done an excellent job of simplifying and clarifying a
complex subject. This book can help you make a lot of money.
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              Getting Started in Stocks (3rd Ed) by Alvin D. Hall. Paperback - 304
pages 3rd Rev edition (July 1997).
Reader from Nevada , March 17, 1999 - Even kids like me can understand it!
I HIGHLY reccomend this book to kids that are interested in stock trading.
I have tried to read all kinds of stock books, and this one is the only one that
I could understand past the first 30 pages! This book isn't a dumb kiddy book
either. It goes into GREAT detail about options, margin trading, and investment
strategies. The moment I turn 18 I am on my way to the market!

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              Trading for a Living : Psychology, Trading Tactics, Money
Management (Wiley Finance Edition)
by Dr. Alexander Elder.
Hardcover - 289 pages (April 1993).
Larry Kowallis from Riverside, CA , September 22, 1999 - Dr. Elder goes right
to the heart of successful trading. It's hard to understand how anyone who
understands trading stocks could not love this book. Dr. Elder explains, in
easy to understand terms, how to protect your money as well as how to make
money. This is a book for beginners as well as seasoned traders. This is the
first book all potential traders should start with. It doesn't waste time on boring
mathematical formulas or an in depth history of trading. It glosses over the
trivial and focuses on the important things that will make you money. I teach
stock market classes and this is the first book I recommend to all my students.
It was recommended to my nephew as THE book to read by Bert Dohmen,
a millionaire options trader.
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              The Millionaire Next Door : The Surprising Secrets of America's
by Thomas J. Stanley, William D. Danko. Hardcover - 258 pages (Oct. 1996).
A reader from Columbus, Ohio , October 29, 1999 - A great book about how the
wealthy get wealthier and why! This is an outstanding book that we can all
relate to, and really gets to the point about how consumerism in the mentality
of the average American keeps us all slaves to paying bills! A definite must
read if you are searching for knowledge about money and how it works.
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              Buying and Selling a Business by Mark T. Lauer, Debra L. Franco (Editor).
Paperback - 267 pages (March 1995).
Synopsis - A clearly written, precisely detailed guide for anyone considering
buying or selling a business. The simple guidelines outlined in the book help
readers to avoid the five major pitfalls of buying and the six even bigger pitfalls
or selling. Includes sample agreements, tax tips and resources.
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              The 100 Best Stocks to Own in America by Gene Walden. Paperback -
416 pages 6th edition (October 1999).
Synopsis - Since 1989, thousands of investors have turned to "The 100 Best
Stocks to Own in America" to help them find the stocks that are poised for
superior long-term growth. This year, 25 new stocks have edged their way
into Gene Walden's Hall of Fame 100. Drawing on extensive research, Walden
offers scores of inside stories and insights that bring these best buys of the
market into even sharper focus.
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              Money Troubles : Legal Strategies to Cope With Your Debts
by Robin Leonard. Paperback - 360 pages 5th edition (October 1999).
Synopsis - For anyone feeling overwhelmed by debts, Money Troubles is
exactly what they need. It provides practical strategies for getting out of debt
and making a fresh start. It shows step by step how to deal with credit reports
and credit bureaus, negotiate with creditors, challenge wage attachments,
stop collection harassment, contend with repossessions, and rebuild credit.
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              Tax Havens of the World by Thomas P. Azzara. Paperback - 340 pages
7 edition (August 16, 1999).
Certified Public Account, with offices in Newton, Mass., and Providence, R.I. -
"I don't know where to begin describing my happiness with the purchase of
Tax Havens of the World. I have devoured every word of the book already,
twice. What shocks me is the detail and accuracy of your book. I have asked
tax lawyers everywhere the same topics, and the only answer I get is that ...
offshore is not possible ... and I don't do any. Great Answer."
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