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Bahamas 3 Dollars 1968

Item Code: BS-28

Front: HM Queen Elizabeth II; Palm tree fronds. Back: Yellow Elder (Tecoma Stans, Yellow Trumpetbush,
Ginger Thomas, Esperanza, Yellow Bells) - national flower of the Bahamas; Paradise Beach; Coat of arms.
Watermark: Shellfish. Printer: Thomas De La Rue & Company, Limited.

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Dimensions: 156 x 66 mm

Texts: Bahamas Monetary Authority established by the Bahamas Government 1968; These notes are legal tender
under the Bahamas Monetary Authority Act 1968 for the payment of any amount; Three Dollars; Expulsis Piratis
Restituta Commercia.

Bahamas Banknote Gallery | Bahamian Banknotes For Sale

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