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Town of Butzbach (Hessen) 8 Notgeld Set: 1 x 25 Pfenning and 7 x 50 Pfennig, 6 May 1921

Item Code: DER-NGBUT

Overall theme: 600th Anniversary of the Town: 1321 – 1921. Watermark: N/a. Signature: Röslum (Der Bürgermeister).
Designer: O. Peier (?). Printer: Scharfes Druckereien, Wetzlar.


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Dimensions: 95 x 66 mm

Texts and descriptions:
Notgeld der Stadt Butzbach, Gutschein über fünfundzwanzig Pfennig. 600 jähriges Stadtjubiläum 1321 – 1921. Wallt'r úús leawig sih, Müsst'r uff Boutschbach gih. Landgraf Phillipp von Butzbach. Butzbach Marktplatz. Der Segen der Wetterau. Landgräfl. Rechnei. Kaserne der Leibdragoner. Solmser Schloss (Amtsgericht). Ansicht von Butzbach nach Merian. Butzbach: Markuskirche, Museum. Butzbach: Hexenturm. Griedeler Tor in Butzbach.
Notgeld (German for "emergency money" or "necessity money") refers to money issued by an institution in a time of economic or political crisis. The issuing institution is usually one without official sanction from the central government. This occurs usually when sufficient state-produced money is not available from the central bank. Most notably, notgeld generally refers to money produced in Germany and Austria during World War I and the Interbellum. Issuing institutions could be a town's savings banks, municipality and private or state-owned firms.
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