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Botswana 100 Pula 2005

Item Code: BW-29

Front: The Three Dikgosi (Chiefs) of the three main tribes of Botswana that in 1895 traveled to England to appeal directly to Queen Victoria to prevent Cecil Rhodes from bringing Bechuanaland under British South Africa Company rule: Sebele I; Bathoen I; Khama III Boikanyo - King (Kgosi) of Bechuanaland. African Fish Eagle (Haliaeetus vocifer). Coat of arms with zebras, three cogwheels representing industry, waves symbolising water and rain (pula) and a head of a bull, which symbolizes the importance of cattle herding in Botswana. Back: Female diamond sorter examining rough diamonds. Open pit diamond mine. Main colour: Blue. Watermark: Rampant zebra; electrotype '100'. Signatures: Mr. B. Gaolatlhe (Minister of Finance); Mrs. Linah K. Mohohlo (Governor). Date of issue: 2005. Printer: Thomas De La Rue & Company, Limited.

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Dimensions: 157 x 78 mm

Texts: Bank of Botswana. Banka ya Botswana. This note is legal tender for One Hundred Pula. Pula tse di Lekgolo.

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