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Belarus 5000 Rubl'ou 2000

Item Code: BY-29B

Front: Sports Palace, Minsk. Back: Winter sports complex "Raubitchy" depicting custom ski jumping hills.
Watermark: Biathlonist on skis. Main colour: Violet. Artist: Unknown. Engraved by: Unknown. Signatures:
Issuer: National Bank of the Republic of Belarus. Date of Issue: 1st of January 2000. Withdrawn: N/a.
Legal tender: Yes. Material: 100% cotton. Printer: Goznak, Russian Federation.

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Dimensions: 150 x 74 mm

Texts: Pyats' Tysyach Rubl'ou. Bilet Natsyyanal'naga Banka Respubliki Belarus'. NBRB. Padrobka biletau
Natsyyanal'naga Banka Respubliki Belarus (NBB) prasleduetstsa pa zakonu.

Belarus Banknote Gallery | Belarusan Banknotes For Sale

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