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Belarus 50 Rubles 1992

Item Code: BY-7

Front: The Eurasian brown bear (Ursus arctos arctos). Detail of Belarusian national ornament. Back: Vytis (Pahonia), horseback warrior wielding a sword, also known as "The Chaser", the coat of arms of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania, Belarus (1918, 1991-95) and Lithuania. Watermark: Geometric tangled lines pattern "braids". Security features: Watermark. Security fibres fluorescing red under ultraviolet light. Paper was made by adding magnetized thread from the plating of the Soviet space shuttle "Buran" and invisible inks as protective paint that were earlier used by the Soviet KGB. The invisible paint can only be seen with special illumination. Predominant colour: Violet. Artist: Konstantin Hotianovsky (Xotjanovskij, Khotyanovskiy). Engraved by: Unknown. Print Manager: Sergei Slabchenko (concept author). Signature: None. Issuer: National Bank of Belarus. Date of Printing: 25 May 1992. Date of Issue: 25 May 1992. Withdrawn: 1 January 2001. Legal tender: No. Material: 100% cotton fiber. Printing method: Intaglio. Printer: Goznak, Russian Federation. Total issue: Unknown.

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Dimensions: 105 x 53 mm
Remark: From 18 December 2015 the ISO letter code for Belarusian Rubel has changed from BYR to BYN.

Texts: Pyats'dziesyat Rublyow. Razlikovy Bilet Natsyyanal'naga Banka Belarusi. Padrobka razlikovyx biletau
Natsyyanal'naga Banka Belarusi (NBB) prasleduetstsa pa zakonu. Fifty Belarusian Roubles.

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