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Central African Republic 2000 Francs 1999 (1993–2000)
Central African States (BEAC - CEMAC)

Item Code: CF-303Ff

Front: Map of the 6 member states of the Central African Economic and Monetary Community (CEMAC). Tropical fruits such as bananas, pineapple, jackfruit, avocados, carambola, pepino, anona cherimoya. Portrait of a young African woman wearing a headscarf. Back: Passenger exchange and people unloading cargo ship at the harbour. Watermark: Portrait of a young African woman wearing a headscarf. Security features: Two oppositely located, consecutively running, black, horizontal serial numbers on the obverse of the banknote. The "BEAC" logotype (on the back) fluorescing under ultraviolet light. Solid, vertical, embedded 1 mm wide metallic security thread. Main colour: Orange. Artist: Pierrette Lambert. Signatures: Jean Félix Mamalepot (Le Gouverneur, July 1990 - April 2007); Ludovic Ognagna (Un Censeur). Issuer: Bank of the Central African States (BEAC). Date of issue: 1999 (1993–2000). First two digits of a serial number indicate the last two digits of the year of issue. End of circulation: Circa 2002. Material: 100% cotton paper. Printer: François-Charles Oberthür Fiduciaire (FCOF) or Banque de France (BdF).

Currency Banknote Gallery of the Central African Republic

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Dimensions: 155 x 75 mm

Texts: Banque des États de l'Afrique Centrale. République Centrafricaine. Deux Mille Francs. Two Thousand Francs. Les auteurs ou complices de falsification ou de contrefaçon de billets de banque seront punis conformement aux lois et actes en vigueur. Franc Centrafricain.

Central African Republic Banknote Gallery | Central African Republic Banknotes For Sale

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