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Ref # Description Image
CL-15   1 Peso 13.8.1919 (Printer ABNC)   [Front] [Back]
CL-119   5 Pesos = 1/2 Condor (1958-59) (General B. O'Higgins)   [Picture & Info]
CL-120   10 Pesos = 1 Condor (1958-59) (Manuel Bulnes)   [Picture & Info]
CL-126   5 Centesimos on 50 Pesos (1960-61) (Anibal Pinto)   [Picture & Info]
CL-127   10 Centesimos on 100 Pesos (1960-61) (Arturo Prat)   [Picture & Info]
CL-134   1/2 Escudo (1962) (Bernardo O'Higgins; D. De Almagro)   [Front] [Back]
CL-134A   1/2 Escudo (1962-75) (Bernardo O'Higgins; D. De Almagro)   [Picture & Info]
CL-136   1 Escudo (1964) (Arturo Prat; Founding of Santiago)   [Picture & Info]
CL-138   5 Escudos (1964) (Manuel Bulnes; Battle of Rancagua)   [Photo]
CL-139   10 Pesos (1962-75) (J.M. Balmaceda; Peace of Maipu)   [Photo]
CL-140   50 Escudos (1962-75) (A. Alessandri; Banco Central)   [Photo]
CL-141   100 Escudos (1962-75) (Manuel Rengifo; sailing ships)   [Photo]
CL-143   10 Escudos (1967-76) (J.M. Balmaceda; Peace of Maipu)   [Picture & Info]
CL-146   1000 Escudos (1973) (Jose Miguel Carrera and his house)   [Front] [Back]
CL-147   5000 Escudos (1967-) (Jose Miguel Carrera; his house)   [Photo]
CL-148   10000 Escudos (1967) (Gen. O'Higgins; Battle of Rancagua)   [Picture & Info]
CL-150   10 Pesos 1975 (General O'Higgins; Battle of Rancagua)   [Picture & Info]
CL-153   500 Pesos 1997 (Pedro de Valdivia; Founding of Santiago)   [Photo]
CL-154   1000 Pesos 1998 (Ignacio Carrera Pinto; Heroes Monument)   [Photo]
CL-156   10000 Escudos 1992 (Arturo Prat and his birthplace)   [Front] [Back]
CL-158   2000 Pesos 1997 (Rodriguez E.; Iglesia de los Dominicos)   [Photo]
CL-160   2000 Pesos 2004 (Manuel Rodriguez;
Iglesia de los Dominicos) polymer
CL-161   5000 Pesos 2009 (Gabriela Mistral; La Campana Nat. Pk.)   [Picture & Info]

Rapa Nui - Easter Island - Isla de Pascua

RN-1   500 Rongo 1.9.2011 (Rano Raraku; Rano Kau)   [Picture & Info]
RN-2   1000 Rongo 1.9.2011 (Mata-ki Te-rangi; Ahu Tongariki)   [Picture & Info]
RN-3   2500 Rongo 1.12.2011 (Native woman; Ahu at Hanga Roa)   [Picture & Info]
RN-4   5000 Rongo 1.4.2012 (Hotu Matu'a; sailboat; Crater Lake)   [Picture & Info]
RN-5   500 Rongo 1.8.2012 (Rano Raraku; Rano Kau)   [Picture & Info]
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