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Chile 1 Escudo (1964)

Item Code: CL-136

Front: Portrait of Chilean lawyer and navy officer Arturo Prat (1848 - 1879), a bearded man. Back: Coat of arms.
Fundacion de Santiago - Founding of Santiago, oil on canvas by Pedro Lira. Watermark: D. Diego Portales P. in profile.
Work by: Unknown. Main colour: Dull violet. Signatures: Alfonso Inostroza Cuevas (Presidente); Jaime Barrios Meza
(Gerente General) thin signature variety. Issuer: Central Bank of Chile. Date of issue:
Decreto 3686 del 19-04-1960 (1964).
Date of withdrawal: Unknown. Printer: Casa de Moneda de Chile.

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Dimensions: 145 x 69 mm

Texts: Banco Central de Chile. Un Escudo. One Escudo.

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