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Ref # Description Image
CM-10   100 Francs ND(1962) (President; view; ships in port)   [Picture & Info]
CM-11   500 Francs ND(1962) (oxen, ships)   [Obverse] [Reverse]
CM-14   10000 Francs (1972) (President Ahidjo; tractor)   [Picture & Info]
CM-15   500 Francs 1974-83 (woman; campus; lab; mask)   [Picture & Info]
CM-16   1000 Francs ND(1974) (planes, trains)   [Obverse & Reverse]

CM-17   5000 Francs (1974) (Ahidjo; railway loading)   [Picture & Info]
CM-22   5000 Francs (1984-92) (woman carrying fronds)   [Picture & Info]
CM-26   1000 Francs 1.1.1990   [Obverse] [Reverse]
CM-201E   500 Francs 1994 (Zebus; baobab; Kota; antelopes)   [Picture & Info]
CM-202E   1000 Francs 1994 (coffee bean harvesting)   [Picture & Info]
CM-203E   2000 Francs 1994 (girl; fruits; port scene)   [Picture & Info]
CM-204E   5000 Francs 2002 (labourer; riggers; gathering cotton)   [Picture & Info]
CM-206U   500 Francs 2002 (classroom; pupils; woman; huts)   [Picture & Info]
CM-207U   1000 Francs 2002 (forest logging; cow; fieldworkers)   [Picture & Info]
CM-208U   2000 Francs 2002 (dam; girl; excavating)   [Picture & Info]
CM-209Ub   5000 Francs 2002 (ships; seaport; refinery)   [Picture & Info]
CM-209Uc   5000 Francs 2002 (2010) (ships; seaport; refinery)   [Picture & Info]
CM-210Ud   10000 Francs 2002 (2010) (bank; girl; plane; train)   [Picture & Info]
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