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China 5 Yuan 1935

Item Code: CN-458A

Front: Agricultural occupations, farming scenes: Men threshing rice with flails and sieving rice in front of houses. Illustrations from "Yong Zheng Farming & Weaving Atlas". Back: Traditional Chinese temple with the slightly upturned flying eaved "dragon" roof, which is covered with semi-cylindrical clay pan tiles. A cow. Watermark: Head of a cow. Security features: Running serial numbers on the top front and bottom back of the banknote. Watermark. Coloured non-fluorescent fibres at the centre of the front of the banknote. Predominant colour: Green. Artist: TDLR. Engraver: TDLR. Signatures: Xu Jizhuang "Chichuang Hsu" (Xu Ji Zhuang, Hsu Chi-chuang) (General Manager); Chen Huaizhong (Chen Wei-tsung, Chen Huai-Chung) (Assistant General Manager). Security thread: None. Printing method: Intaglio. Issuer: The Farmers Bank of China (Established on the 1st of April 1935). Date of Issue: Hankou, 1935 = 24th year of the Republic. Withdrawn: Yes. Legal tender: No. Total issue: Info pending. Material: Cotton paper. Printer: Thomas De La Rue & Co., Ltd., London, England (TDLR).

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Dimensions: 144 x 79 mm

Two signature varieties are known. One as per above image with "Chichuang Hsu" as General Manager and one as per below image:

Signatures: Ye Zhuo-tang (General Manager); Chen Huaizhong (Chen Wei-tsung, Chen Huai-Chung) (Assistant General Manager) (above)

Illustrations from "Yong Zheng Farming & Weaving Atlas" (Beijing Palace Museum)

Texts: The Farmers Bank of China (Zhongguó Nóngmín Yínháng) Promises to Pay the Bearer on Demand at Its Office Here.
Five Yuan National Currency. Wu yuán. Republic of China.

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