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China 5 Yuan March 1935

Item Code: CN-77

Front: Portrait of Sun Yat-sen (1866-1925); Bridge to Lamaist White Dagoba at Beihai Park in Beijing. Back: From left to
right: The Peace Hotel, Old Bank of China Building (tallest building) and Yokohama Specie Bank Building (now Shanghai
Textile Holding Corporation). Signatures: Song Hanzhang (Sung Han-Chang) (General Manager); Tsuyee Pei (Manager).
Issuer: Bank of China. Date of Issue: March 1935.
Issuer: Bank of China. Printer: Thomas De La Rue & Co., Ltd., London.

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Dimensions: 167 x 86 mm
Sung Han-chang (Song Hanzhang), General Manager, Bank of China
Song Hanzhang (Sung Han-chang)
General Manager, Bank of China (1935)
Remark: Lamaist White Dagoba on Qiong Islet at Beihai Park in Beijing originally was built in 1651 during the
Qing Dynasty. It is believed that the lama robes, Buddhist scripture, and the sacred articles are stored inside,
and the sutras in Tibetan language are carved.

Texts: Bank of China promises to pay the bearer on demand at its office here. Five Yuan. National Currency.

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