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China 9 different ration coupons from Nanbu County 1988

Item Code: CN-RC9

Obverse: Various scenes. Reverse: Terms of use and instructions.


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pricelist or this may be a gallery item (not for sale).

Dimensions: Small, vary (all coupons easily fit into a 108 x 63 mm envelope)

Collection (above) of 9 picturesque all different food ration money, rice or grain coupons all dated 1988.

Condition: UNC as in new (some XF-to-UNC).

Depicted are all of the 9 rice or grain ration money coupons included in the set.

These food ration money coupons (rice coupons; grain coupons) allow the bearer to buy a certain amount/weight
of rationed foodstuffs. Rationed foodstuffs included rice, flour and cooking oils. These coupons are called LIANGPIAO
(grain and commodity ration coupons).

The average ration was 15 kilograms for a man and 13 kilograms for a woman each month, though it varied somewhat
with age, profession and location. Meat was much scarcer and it was rationed at Ban Jin (0.25 kilogram or about half
pound) per person per month.

These coupons were given per person, no matter how poor or rich that person was, therefore these food ration coupons
(also known as: rice coupons) are much scarcer than Chinese Yuan banknotes.

The "Rice Coupon" set contains ration coupons from and issued by the Nanbu County, Sichuan Province, China.

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