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China 1 Ruble (1917)
Russo-Asiatic Bank in Harbin

Item Code: CN-S474

Front: Design with rosettes. Back: Steam train locomotive. Watermark: None. Security features: Running serial
numbers. Main colour: Brown. Artist: Unknown. Engraver: No info. Signatures: Dmitriy Leonidovich Khorvat (Railway
Manager, Eastern Railway of China); I.K. Pimenov (Controller); Alexey Ivanovich Putilov (Board Chairman, Russo-Asiatic
Bank). Printing method: Intaglio. Issuer: Russko-Aziatskiy Bank, Harbin, China. Date of Issue: 1917. Withdrawn
from circulation: No info. Legal tender: No. Material: Cotton paper. Printer: American Bank Note Company.

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Dimensions: 148 x 80 mm

Texts: Russko-Aziatskij Bank, Harbin. Odin Rubl'. One Ruble. Nastojashhij bon prinimaetsja vo vseh kassah
Kitajskoj Vostochnoj Dorogi, ravno kak v Otdelenijah Russko-Aziatskogo Banka v Harbine, Hajlare i Kuan'chenczy,
na ravne s Gosudarstvennymi Kreditnymi Biletami obrazcov nahodjashhihsja v obrashhenii do 1917 goda vkljuchitel'no.
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