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Colombia 2000 Pesos 2015 (2015–2019)

Item Code: CO-458a

Front: Colombian artist Débora Arango Pérez (1907–2005), a pioneer of modern art in Colombia. Leaves and fruit of the milky tree 'Lechoso' (Perebea xantochyma). The dancer Guillermina. Reverse: Caño Cristales river, Serranía de la Macarena National and Ecological Reserve Park. Variety of birds, a parrot. BRC bank emblem. See-through registration device depicting "El Cardenal" bird. Quote* from D. A. Perez's interview when she was 30 years old. Watermark: Halftone portrait of Débora Arango Pérez; Highlight (electrotype) "2". Security features: Two consecutively running black horizontal serial numbers on the obverse of the banknote. Sparsely distributed normally invisible coloured filament fibers (hairs), lower right serial number and part of the design fluoresce under ultraviolet light. Solid, vertical, yet exposed on the reverse (windowed) 3 mm wide metallic color-changing security thread bearing monogram "BRC". Raised ink. Microtext. See-through register as "BRC" monogram. Markings for the visually impaired (bottom center). Tactile feature: Number 2 in Braille. Main colour: Shades of blue. Artist: IBSFB. Engraver: Imprenta de Billetes. Signatures: José Darío Uribe Escobar (Gerente General, 2005–2017); José Tolosa Buitrago (Gerente Ejecutivo, 2010–2017). Printing method: Offset and intaglio mix. Issuer: Bank of the Republic of Colombia. Date of Issue: 19 August 2015. Date of Introduction: 29 November 2016. Withdrawn: Current. Legal tender: Yes. Material: Cotton paper. Printer: Imprenta de Billetes - Santa Fe de Bogotá - Banco de la Republica (IBSFB).
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Dimensions: 128 x 66 mm

Texts: Banco de la República Colombia. Dos Mil Pesos. Two Thousand Pesos.

*"Repito: no espero que todos estén de acuerdo conmigo, pero yo tengo la convicción de que el arte, como manifestación de cultura, nada tiene que ver con los códigos de moral, el arte no es amoral, sencillamente su orbita no intercepta ningún postulado ético". — Débora Arango Pérez
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