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Ref # Description Image
CSK-23s   100 Korun 10.1.1931 SPECIMEN   [Obverse] [Reverse]
CSK-24s   500 Korun 2.5.1929 SPECIMEN   [Obverse] [Reverse]
CSK-25   1000 Korun 8.4.1932 (Woman with globe)   [Obverse] [Reverse]
CSK-26s   1000 Korun 25.5.1934 SPECIMEN   [Obverse] [Reverse]
CSK-65   1000 Korun ND(1945) King Podebrad, castle   [Obverse] [Reverse]
CSK-84a   25 Korun 1953 (Jan Zizka on horse; Tábor in Bohemia)   [Picture & Info]
CSK-85a   50 Korun 1953 (Partisan and soldier; Banská Bystrica)   [Picture & Info]
CSK-86b   100 Korun 1953 (Worker and farmer; Hradcany, Prague)   [Picture & Info]
CSK-87   25 Korun 1958 (Jan Zizka; Tabor town square)   [Obverse & Reverse]
CSK-88   10 Korun 1960 (girls; mountains; Orava Dam)   [Obverse & Reverse]
CSK-89   25 Korun 1961 (J. Zizka; Tabor town square)   [Obverse & Reverse]
CSK-90   50 Korun 1964 (soldiers; oil refinery)   [Obverse & Reverse]
CSK-91   100 Korun 1961 (factory; farmers; bridge)   [Obverse & Reverse]
CSK-92   20 Korun 1970 (Jan Zizka; Husite soldiers)   [Obverse & Reverse]
CSK-93   500 Korun 1973 (soldiers, Devin fortress)   [Obverse & Reverse]
CSK-94   10 Korun 1986 (Hviezdoslav; Orava mountains)   [Obverse & Reverse]
CSK-95   20 Korun 1988 (J.A. Komensky; tree of life)   [Obverse & Reverse]
CSK-96   50 Korun 1987 (Ludovit Stur; View of Bratislava)   [Picture & Info]
CSK-97   100 KOrun 1989 (Gottwald; Hradcany; Prague)   [Obverse & Reverse]
CSK-98   1000 Korun 1985 (Smetana; Vysehrad castle)   [Obverse & Reverse]
Theresienstadt (Terezin) Nazi Concentration Camp & Ghetto Money:
PNL   10 Kronen 1.1.1943 (bearded man)   [Obverse] [Reverse]
PNL   20 Kronen 1.1.1943 (bearded man)   [Obverse] [Reverse]
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CS-MG2   100 Korún 2018 (M.R. Štefánik)   [Picture & Info]
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