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Czechoslovakia 50 Korun Ceskoslovenskych 1987

Item Code: CSK-96

Front: The Greater Spotted Eagle (Aquila clanga) hunting. Portrait of Ludovit Štúr (1815-1856). State Bank logo.
Mountains. Back: View of Bratislava with Bridge of the Slovak National Uprising (Novy Most) across the Danube
River in the centre. Grape branch. Watermark: Repetitive leaves and stars. Main colours: Brown and blue on red
and orange. Artist: Albin Brunovsky. Engraving: Václav Fajt; Ladislav Škarban. Dates of Validity: 1 October 1987
to 31 July 1993. Printer: Statni Tiskarna Cenin, Praha (The State Printing House Cenin, Prague).

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Dimensions: 143 x 67 mm

Texts: Bankovka Statnej Banky Ceskoslovenskej. Pätdesiat Korun Ceskoslovenskych. Fifty Czechoslovak Crowns.
Falsovanie bankoviek sa tresce podla zakona. Bankovky su kryte zlatom a ostatnymi aktivami Statnej Banky
Ceskoslovenskej. © Statna Banka Ceskoslovenska.

Czechoslovakia Banknote Gallery | Czechoslovak Banknotes For Sale

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